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 January 17, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


In the past nursing students learnt about anatomy and physiology of a system, dealt with an infected toe, a brain with infarcts, a heart with surgeries etc but nowadays, students are learning about the wholeness of people, a physically ill child struggling for safety in an abusive family, an adolescent coping with self esteem and ego, a young adult grieving or feeling stigmatize with the diagnosis of cancer and its complications. This is the world of Oncology.

Expert nursing care is essential in care of patients with the end of life situations. It is nurse who spends the most of the time with patient and family. The oncology nurse provides the type of care that allows patients and families to grow in dying experience. Through care, patient or families may experience the final phase of life as one that is healing and growth producing.

The role of an oncology nurse in the care of a client with dying process includes imparting information and education in bereavement process, clinical acknowledgment of abnormal bereavement, offering emotional support, extending communication with the bereaved family after death, enabling effective palliative care which focuses on spiritual, psychological, physical, and social aspects of patientís life. They also encourage caregivers to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the periods of caregiver burden, as well as during bereavement; and honor rituals of death and mourning in a culturally sensitive manner. By listening to their concerns nurses can make a difference in the ability of the bereaved family members to move toward their life goals, such as appreciation of a significant relationship, acceptance of change, and development of new life patterns and relationships.

Saima Rajpali.



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