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 January 17, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

We are still enduring

I had sent a letter to your esteem paper and captioned as “Remember your promise” where I mentioned about the bumpy road opposite to Shogram Gol due to flood on Aug 2010 and completely destroyed Mastuj road.

C&W after spending huge amount of resources on meaningless task profligately became silent. After passing one and half year two bulldozers appeared and stood at Zait Lasht before two months and are still there since then.

The local residents said that there is a contradiction or disagreement among the contractors and the local authorities regarding the fund but we are still enduring. It seems that contractors become more powerful which is outrageous to know. For sure this department is another big face of corruption.

And my request to Haji Ghulam Mohmad was also futile because I must had thought at that time that he did nothing in his tenure for the bumpy road inside Buni besides being the resident of its own.

Now I would like to request the DCO to takes serious step and solves this massive problem which the public of Mastuj still facing.

Munir Hussyn Fatimi
Zait Chitral



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