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 January 13, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Continuing Professional Development must be priority for Nurses

Emphasizes on professional education, positive reinforcement, raising funds and managing work load can play a vital role in continuing professional development. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Nursing is described as the education for professional nurses following completion of formal training. Continuing Professional Development in Nursing consists of any educational activity which helps to uphold or increase knowledge, problem-solving skills, and professional performance standards etc., with the goal that nurses can provide quality care to patients. Continuing Professional Development includes 'formal' learning like courses, conferences and workshops, as well as self-directed activities such as preceptor ship and self-directed reading.

Continuous Professional development updates staff knowledge according to new researches and thus maintain standard in patient care. Professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities. The knowledge and skills needed by practice nurses will also need to change in order meet the challenges posed by this changing health care environment. Professional development on the job may develop or enhance process skills, sometimes referred to as leadership skills including role of a team leader, as well as unit specific expertise like specialized course in critical care setting, oncology courses, triage management etc.

Professional Development is necessary to achieve highest possible outcome in hospital care setting. The professional nurse is the one who works for the welfare of the human kind. She has no belongings to sell, no land to till. Her only asset is herself. It turns out there is no right price for service, for what is a share of a humanís worth.

In spite of physical and mental workload, nurses strive their best in order to involve in professional development. Nurses put their effort in arranging their duties and pay themselves for the courses. Journal of Nursing Standard (May 2010) revealed recently that attendance at professional conference is decreased. Factors such as, lack of staff, absenteeism and work load tends staff not to attend courses on daily basis. Individual motivation is one of most significant factors that have been identified as contributing to participation in continuous professional development. Therefore in order to have healthy work environment in clinical setting, the goal must be improvement in quality care of nurses by promoting excellence in clinical practice and knowledge by overcoming factors which may hinder in acquiring professional education.

Written By
Saima Ashiq Ali Rajpali
Rozina Hassan Ali


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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