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 January 09, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Better News for Chitralis

Ex-President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharaf announced to contest the forth-coming election from Chitral district. At the time of the formation of all Pakistan Muslim League, it was a good news for the nation. The recent news is the ‘better news’ for the nation in general and for Chitralis in particular. Every body in Chitral district knows that Lawari Pass was the greatest hindrance in the path of our development. The whole district remained cut off, for at least six months from the rest of the country. Life was miserable. We had nothing available in our markets.

The dark period of Chitral ended with the opening of the Lawari tunnel. The tunnel though not yet fully functional, we are enjoying its benefits .Our markets are now full of essential commodities .The transportation between Chitral and Dir is now possible every time. We have no fear of being buried under avalanches.

Now we have to think, how this happened? Every one of us knows that Pervez Musharaf is the man whom Almighty ALLAH chose to fulfill this crucial need of Chitralis.

By the grace of Almighty ALLAH we are all Muslims. To do good with the good doers is our religious obligation. The time has come to pay our practical tributes to General Pervez Musharaf for the services he has bestowed upon Chitralis. We must prove that we are not ingrate.

It is hoped that Chitralis will prove this by electing General Pervrz Musharaf unopposed.

Saeedullah Jan.
Kuragh (CHITRAL)



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