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 January 09, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Deforestation in Chitral


Chitral is the remotest and extremely backward district of KPK. There are no industrial base or agro based industries which provide employment opportunities to local community. Majority of local youth rely on service sector as the only source of their sustenance.

Another potential for providing employment opportunities to local youth is tourism industry. Usually during summer season tourist from local and foreign countries visits Chitral and enjoy unique culture of the area as well as greenery of Chitral and contribute too much to local employment generating tourism industry. But unfortunately for the last three years ruthless cutting of trees in the forests of Kalash valleys and other parts of southern Chitral created serious apprehension among community members of the area.

Here in Chitral only 3% area is under forest and recently timber mafia created havoc with the forest of Chitral only for their personal gains in garb of marking.

It is requested to the high-ups of the country, President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister KPK Amir Hider Khan Hoti to take notice of the situation and order immediate bane on marking and artificial harvesting in Chitral. Because in the garb of marking interested group ruthlessly destroyed green deodar trees in the forest of Chitral. People in Ayun demonstrated against this menace of marking because it exposed entire Chitral to the immanent threat of flood and disfigured beauty of this peaceful district.

In the coming election it is also under discussion in every nook and corner of Chitral that people of Chitral will vote for the party which protect forest of this district from the clutches of timber mafia. ANP Government is taking interest in development of the district by initiating developmental projects which is appreciable. If marking and deforestation is controlled in this Government then people of Chitral would be grateful to present ANP Government and consider it as Sevier of Chitral.

Nasir Mehmood
Drosh, District Chitral



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