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 January 06, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Time to align for interest articulation

The land of pure was envisioned to be a welfare state and epitome of justice reflecting the egalitarian culture in the comity of nations but the viceregal inheritance of colonialism still takes roots within the circles of political dynamics of working democratic order.

The principle of peaceful coexistence and unity in diversity is getter weaker day by day. Since the operating socio-political and economic order of the country after three years seems to be a far-fetched dream and the hope of good delivery has become a compassion fatigue.

There are different institutions in each country founded to serve the people. Government is one dynamic agency in each democratic country, to best serve the pubic translating the demands into policies according to the needs of the time. All State agencies including government is supported and maintained if it transforms the public demands into law.
Perennial and emerging pathetic realities of the country have compelled the people to think into the matter being realistic and serious so that an acceptable system to be underpinned in order to take over democratically the executive machinery for bringing it back to the welfare track. The public genius of Pakistan reflects the ability of unity, tolerance and mutual coexistence but the irregularities, malpractices and leakages in socio-economic sector particularly, has developed the sense of distrustful faith in the system and spill over sentimental dispersions in the society.
By virtue of information boom in the country all and sundry has become always tuned with the day to day occurrences in the country and have gained the ability to decide which party and its policy suits their demands best while considering the past track records of each and every party and leader.

This is also a fact that Pakistan is running in multi party system. Whatever the merit and demerits of multi party system are, is different topic however, this system usually leads to form a coalition government only because of distribution of seats among the parties in the parliament. When a party forms government in multi-party system without absolute majority could not have been possible to implement fully its manifesto because it is disciplinarily to consider reservations of other coalition partnersí during decision making process. This conciliatory governmental structure could not provide speedy justice to public in terms of translating public demands into realities.

While considering the political realities of the country, therefore, we have to support a party that reflects and respects public general will and genius of the people of Pakistan, coming under one umbrella, so that that party could form provincial and federal government with majority votes. It is thus very important for all of us to come together and should align with a party and support the candidates in the forthcoming elections for the articulation of public demands into law.

Alhaj Muhammad Khan
Charun, Chitral



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