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 January 02, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


The use of legal and illegal drugs in excessive amount and frequency causing harm to self and the society is called drug abuse. According to UNODC survey (2000) there were 500,000 chronic heroin users. The National Assessment Report on Problem Drug (2006) estimates that there are 628,000 opiate users in Pakistan. Of these around 77% are heroin users. The number of injecting drug users in 2006 is 125,000. According to World Summit for Social Development 1994 the retail value of drugs, at around 500 billion US dollars a year, second only to that of arms trade. “Today there are 190 million drug users around the world” (UNDC, 1997).

There are many causes due to which people are indulged in such evil and unhealthy habit. The first cause is poverty. As we know that Pakistan is poor country, people have fewer opportunities for earning money. Because of poverty people cultivate and produce many kinds of addictive substances in their home fields in order to earn money. Tobacco and alcohol are commonly used and produced in our society.

Secondly, Most of the people use drugs to get pleasure and relax. They think that drugs have soothing effect on them and they feel better if they would use them. According to the literature “Most abused drugs produce intense feelings of pleasure. This initial sensation of euphoria is followed by other effects”. ( Volkow, 2010).

The third cause of drug abuse is peer pressure which compels the person to be indulged in such unhealthy social activities. Those people who accompany the drug users are also compelled to use drugs. These people are affected by accompanying the drug users and become risk for the other members of the society. (Volkow, 2010) states “The drug abusing peers can sway even those without risk factors to try drugs for the first time”.

Genetic factors are also very important because once a person uses drugs it goes into his genetic make-up and he crave for the next dose. If father is using drug his offspring’s would be more prone to the effect of drugs. Easy accessibility is the other factor which leads a person to use drugs. If a society has available with excessive amounts of drugs then its members could easily afford them by paying a little amount of money.

Sometime due to major life events many people undergo psychological problems like anxiety, depression etc. which negatively impacts on their lives. For example, losing loved ones, families or properties in some kind of environmental hazards pushes the people to be involved in unhealthy activities.

When we look at the causes of drugs abuse crime is one of the major effects. Drug abusers become aggressive and agitated. They could not control their temper and physically harm other people. If they do not find addictive’s they get indulged in many illegal activities like snatching and stealing money. They could even kill people for money in order to buy drugs. In this way the whole society becomes notorious for this evil thing. It creates fear in Other People, so they would feel insecure in such society. Health is another major component affected by drug abuse. Intense use of drugs causes mental and psychological disabilities. It also causes cardiac and lungs disease. Hepatitis, AIDS and HIV also spread in the society due to the use of different kinds of drugs. “Perhaps the most evident problem caused by drug is the role of drug injecting in the spread of HIV/AIDS” Kofi Anan at the opening of General Assembly (1998). Drug abuse has worst effect on the economy of a society. According to literature “Expenditure on drugs in a year is second, only to that of arms trade”. (Tullis, 1994). People of affected society with drug, expand a large sum of money on purchasing drugs due to which the richest people of the society become so poor that they have no money to afford their fundamental needs of life, even they sell their properties to buy drugs. If still they could not find money, they would go for illegal ways of earning like stealing and snatching. Some people even sell their body organs on auction for a little amount of money to buy these substances. According to the literature “Lower worker productivity caused by alcohol and drug abuse ultimately shows up in the form of lost or foregone earnings for both users and victims”. (Whelan, Josephson, & Holcombe, 2006). Family violence is another determinant affected by of drug abuser. These people not only harm themselves, but they are also a big problem for their families. Literature says “Family violence includes emotional, psychological behavioral and sexual abuses. Family violence and substance abuse are problems that are complex, multi-faceted and further complicated when they appear together” (St. Louis, n.d.).

I will conclude this article with some recommendations that how could we eliminate this evil from our society? Drug abusers are bane, not boon for the society, so should take strong steps with full determination to eliminate this rampant. Create awareness in people. Anti-drug agencies should take proper step to throw out this bane from the society. It is our duty that every one of us should come forward to save our society from unhealthy activities. There should be proper a counseling of drug users. Educational campaigns and other activities should be run to encourage the drug abuser to change their habit. There should be alternatives for the people to overcome drug abuse, such as a campaign for skill development in youth of society which are more vulnerable to drug abuse that they can divert their mind, can achieve other ways to live life, fatherly they came toward developing thus their life and their future generation life should be protected from the evil. Secondly the cigrate fashion has magnetic effect on the youth, so there should be conducted awareness programs at school and college level for students.

My main focuses in recommendation part are the border areas of Chitral, were most population, including male and female are addicted to drugs like opium, etc and the cycle of addiction is continuous from generation to generation. I suggest the local government to take action to safe lives of people over there, to break the cycle of addiction, to create awareness and to focus on the developmental projects in these areas.




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