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  April 29, 2012

Chitral Times Detail

In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Remembering A Female Teacher

I pay tribute to one the fore runners of female education in Chitral who left this mortal world for good on 20th April 2012 with the unostentatious baggage of her valuable services in the field of female education in the district of Chitral . Late Amira Bibi daughter of late Ataliq Jafar Ali Shah and wife of Advocate Israr Jughoor recently passed away leaving behind only one son named Mishal. Late Amira Bibi and her few female class fellows were admitted in the newly established male school of Chitral where they studied up to primary classes and after passing class 5 the were appointed teachers in 1961 in the first primary school of Chitral to teach the female students of the area. It was a difficult time for the newly appointed teachers as they had to face the criticism of traditionalist mindset of Chitrali society. They rendered their services with devotion upholding the religious and cultural values of their society. Having scarce resources and in the face of all odds, these great female teachers kept up kindling the torch of female education and fulfilled their domestic responsibilities to the contentment of their family members. The students of these teachers bear testimony to the fact that the were role models for their students. Its will be unfair to mention the names of those hitherto unknown benefactors of Chitral who started female education from scratch. The fellow torch bearers of Late Amira Bibi are Miss Usmania D/O Mer Hisam uddin Goldor chitral, Miss. Jamsheda Bibi D/O Main Noor Akbar Jangbazar Chitral, Asmat ul Nisa D/O Hakim Jan Sheaqotek Chitral , Sharafat ul Nisa D/O Molve Abd ullah Sheaqotek Chitral , Sardar Bibi D/O Muhammad Fazal Moghlandeh Chitral and Sartaj Bibi D/O Sikatar Jaffar Ali Shah Goldor Chitral.

Being the son of one these retired teachesr, Miss Sardar Bibi, I was deeply grieved to hear about the sad demise of Miss Amira Bibi who was like a real sister to my mother and whose qualities of ideal character are always in the lips of my mother. She is remembered to be God fearing, Charitable, honest, sincere and amicable. Even belonging to an aristocratic family she was always down to earth, unostentatious and was always full of sympathy to the poor and the needy. Though she has set off to the world of the immortals, her good deed will blossom forth till eternity because she was one the pioneers of female education in Chitral. May Allah grant fortitude to the bereaved family to bear this great lose and rest her soul in eternal peace. Ameen.

Saeed Abrar



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