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  April 10, 2012

Chitral Times Detail

In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Town Planning.. It’s time to think about

Many people have heard the term ‘town planning’ before but may not be exactly aware of its real meaning or connotations. Town planning is a science of organization which has been around for hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of years, ever since humans moved from being hunters and gatherers to settled farmers. With settlement comes the need of the population for pathways and roads, municipal buildings, water supplies, sewage and refuse removal plans, and in this day and age cabling for electricity and phone lines. This is where town planning comes in. A big part of town planning is the forecasting of the future needs and requirements of a built up area so that the population will remain happy, healthy and safe.
In this regard one of the prime objective of Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) is town planning. Ideally TMA should be equipped with town planners of different background (engineers, GIS experts, Geologists etc.). Unfortunately in our country TMA is supposed to be one of the corrupt departments at District level. The TMA officials have left behind their main duty and are busy in grabbing bribe from constructers or anyone who enters the office for any purpose. That’s why due to improper planning and mismanagement, our sewerage and sanitation system, cable lines, electric poles etc. are making lives miserable instead of providing comfort in people lives.

One of such example is the slaughter house which was established at Danin village some years back. In past there was no check and balance over animal slaughter carried out at commercial level. Individual villagers used to sell their cattle at the market to local butchers. These butchers without following any prior legal formalities purchase these (unhealthy for most of the times) animals and sell that unhygienic meat at the local market. This was creating health issues among the citizens. Taking this into account the then government planned to establish a slaughter house through TMA department. The TMA selected a location at Danin Village adjacent to the main Booni road half km away from the town center. It has been built at the edge of river bank of Chitral River (river Kabul) and all the wastes are drained into this river. The crows and stray dogs of Chitral town gather here and making this place further unhealthy. Furthermore, due to its proximity to Airport this slaughter house can create great trouble to PIA planes at any time as this slaughter house is situated just one km straight away from the PIA runway. The consequences of such improper planning is that the stray dogs are coming under the wheel of vehicle on daily basis, secondly the wastes been shed in the river from this slaughter house is damaging the marine life and last not the least human lives are in dangers and may result in havoc (God forbid) when a plane is crashed if hit by crow.

Demarcations of waste disposal sites are among major responsibility of TMA but in case of Chitral town the municipal wastes (trash, rubble etc.) are thrown into to the main Chitral River (for self-convenience) which is a ridiculous step. This shows how our higher authorities are concerned about our natural environment.

The above mentioned examples are just single cases of improper town planning. There are several examples in this context. The increasing urban population and economic activities are depleting the land use pattern of Chitral town and the town is spreading in an unsystematic way. It is the time to think for proper town planning otherwise it will be difficult to plan a beautiful Chitral town when the water crosses the bridge.

Imran Elahi,
Danin Chitral.



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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