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  March 17, 2012

Chitral Times Detail

In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

SSC Annual Examination with Poor sitting arrangements

Dear Sir,

Through your esteemed online news paper I intend to bring in the notice of higher authorities, the issue of poor sitting arrangements in the ongoing SSC exams. Students appearing in the exams have been forced to sit on bared floor in this harsh cold weather which is not only affecting on students exam performance but also resulting in health hazards for many children.

We the parents of students may request to the EDO Education Chitral and his highly committed team and to DCO Chitral to take strong notice of the issue of bared cement floor sitting. And ask the concerned school management to organize proper sitting arrangements for the students.

We also pose question to the higher authorities, can they imagine of their children or themselves sitting on the bared floor in this sever coldness for more than 3 hours. On the very first day of the exam, in a Private School Denin exam hall, many students reported to be sick due to bared floor sitting. Many of them rushed to the hospital just after the exam and they are advised for complete rest by the doctors. More important to us is the lives and health of our children and we believe that this issue would be resolved on priority basis.

Parents of Students
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