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  June 27, 2012

Chitral Times Detail

In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Beware: unauthorized ‘business’ dealers on the prowl

I would like to inform the general public of Chitral through your esteemed web page that some groups of people are wandering throughout the region by offering lucrative schemes/projects not authorized under the law by taking advantage of the locals’ hospitality.

The kind of deceitful activities that these so-called companies are undertaking include lottery of apartments in the urban areas and housing projects etc., making fool of the innocent public. Besides, these people are distributing voucher for hundred rupees each and also showing vouchers reportedly filled by influential personalities of our community for the sake of gaining trust. They are collecting huge sum of amount by doing this. About two groups have visited the area so far. When you pay for a voucher then they invite you to go to see their projects in the urban cities and also give you account numbers for further installment.

At last, my request to the authorities concerned here in Chitral and Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is to issue these certain illegal companies names and activities that a common public can be saved.

Munir Hussyn Fatimi,
Zait, Chitral



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