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  June 25, 2012

Chitral Times Detail

In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


In the recent past the KPK government has been much more active to find more hydel project sites in Chitral based on a report prepared by GTZ- a German Agency- who had carried out an extensive survey of Chitral district as well as other districts of KPK many years ago, to generate electricity to support our dwindling economy. Many Ministers visited Chitral as a team with experts and visited sites that have been pointed out as possible sites for generation of power in near future and the river system of Chitral provides an ideal location for this purpose. In a press article it has been indicated that this
effort will be put to immediate test in the following sites some of which have already passed the feasibility stage and now in the pipeline for designing stage for which funds have also been allocated.

The following hydel projects have been mentioned in the article:

1. Istaru-Booni hydel project
2. Koragh-Zait hydel project
3. Muzhigram- Shoghor hydel project
4. Shushgal-Zhondoli hydel project [already passed feasibility stage]
5. Shoghor- Shali hydel project [also passed feasibility stage]
6. Lawi hydel project already designing work has been assigned by the KPK government.

I would like to bring to the notice of the ENERGY COMMITTEE KPK, to keep in mind that all the above projects have been based on tunnel design system and this region [ HinduKush ] is notorious for its seismic instability. The Under ground geological fault zone/ line runs under this very region and it is ,therefore, vulnerable and may face serious consequences if the fault zone is not considered before starting work on such schemes of great importance. The Satellite Imaging system should be used by the Energy department/ Centre of Excellence in Geology otherwise work on such mega projects should not be initiated in haste but the most modern technical devices should be used to locate the geological FAULT ZONE/LINE in the 12 tectonic plates of the globe, one of which runs under this same region where the hydel stations are to be built. Data on the seismic tremors of the past years monitored by the Met deptt. Should be considered as well as the GTZ report should be studied once again to see if the survey team has mentioned the fault zones of the tectonic plates in the structure
of the earth of this region and has been well investigated and if it is not there, then recent technology should be used to ascertain and confirm the presence of the much dreaded FAULT ZONES/LINES of the tectonic plates in the region selected for scores of hydel projects with trillions of Rupees , most of which is to come from Banks especially Asian Development Bank plus the share to be invested by the provincial government.

Prof. Rehmat Karim Baig


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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