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  May 31, 2012

Chitral Times Detail

In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Innocents are the victims in Karachi city violence

Dear Sir,

The violence in the city Karachi has made many people’s night sleepless the city is passing through very critical situation the fear of sudden death has demolish the spirit of freedom. The killing in Karachi is going on large scale without any cause or reason but after killing the reason behind this vulgar act seems that the person is killed on the basis of the different in nationality or the language concern or thoughts and believe difference these things are becoming the reasons for taking away the lives.

But did we forget the spirit of creation of Pakistan? What was? The Muslims were always victim by the Hindus but the today’s situation of Muslim is same than before. Now they are victim by their politicians.

The curiosity of seeking wealth made person blind no development Muslims are doing in any field even the large number of population are not facilitate from basic necessities. The people are leading the life like animal or like in the forest .In the forest the people get scare of wild animal that it could harm us or killed us the same fear we have in our minds As the animal got conscious about the food the situation we are facing in the era of modern science and technology .Because after the mean time we do not find the food.

Abbya Nadeem
Karachi University


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