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  March 10, 2012

Chitral Times Detail

In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Why Nursing profession and Nurses?

I would like to ask from those people who are continually highlighting the nursing professional and nurses through their long and brief letters. Their discussion mostly depends on the negative aspects of that profession, in front they are seeking justices for them, but in reality they are dragging the people attention into the dark side. In fact there are no such disgracing circumstances in this environment. This type of prose and crone exist in every profession all over the world, especially in female populated jobs. Why nursing profession only, why not others?

I am asking why they are not addressing the positive activities of that profession.

Why they are not highlighting those positive aspects of that profession? one nurse has been victim of sexual harassment in Jinnah Medical Medical Center, Karachi this is not a big issue among a huge population the chances of accident will be expected, but due to a single girl why you are ward of the other people life at risk.

This is my humble request to all of you please donít waste your precious time and others as well for searching and publishing useless and inadequate stories via mass communication channel. Kindly be careful to addressing some sensitive issues which can harm and influence the people badly. Youíre intentional and unintentional efforts should be fair and can help to promote positive professional life rather than adverse affect.

With thanks

Qadar un Niisa
Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar



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