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  May 11, 2012

Chitral Times Detail

In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Current Crises Between Executive & Judiciary
Research Survey Conducted by Political Science Students,
Abdul Wali Khan University, Bacha Khan Campus Chitral.

A research study conducted by the esteem Bacha Kahn Campus, Political Science department students (Asad Ahmad, Qasim Ali, Hasina Sardar, Amjad Ahmad) at the very campus about the current crises between executive and Judiciary, following are the flashing and striking points of the report.

1. Everyone is equal before law.
2. Judiciary given opportunity to Prime Minister already.
3. Judicial decisions are for implementations.
4. Prime Minister disobeys Judiciary to protect President.
5. Prime Minister taken oath under Constitution for its protection not to protect anyone else.
6. Under article 204 a convicted person becomes disqualified.
7. Parliament is working under the same constitution which authorized judiciary to interpret Constitution.
8. Under article 63(1) (G) PM is already disqualified according to Judiciary. Now he is waiting for further constitutional proceedings. Morally anyone in the world who commits courts contempt quits from his/her designation to avoid miss reputation in the world.
9. To avoid further miss reputation in the world our PM should quit.
10. If election commissioner declares PM as disqualified, nevertheless He should quit before to avoid Pakistan miss report in the world.
11. Judges know the technicalities of any law very well rather politicians.

Keeping in view the about conditions majority of the respondents are of the opinions that PM must quit his designation to avoid further miss reputation of Pakistan and its politics. Answering to a question about the credibility of judiciary and its past majority are of the opinion that past his history only and presently the judiciary is independent and trying to deal with the cases of national interests for the best interest of the nation and country.

Live long independent judiciary.


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