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 December 29, 2011


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty


By Zahiruddin

The local government system has always contributed to the development and solution of problems on grass root level and the one put in place in the year 2001 was unique in its essence and was really designed to devolve the power to the man in the lowest rung of the social ladder. Chitral being one of the backward areas of the country, has always consigned to oblivion by the successive government in the past and its destiny solely depended on the leadership it to it voted.

Due to the faulty system in the past, the elected representatives deviated from their defined mandate and in the corridors of power, they too forgot their electorates. The chain of leadership as enunciated in the Local Government Ordinance of 2001, was distinctive in the sense that it made the elected tiers of leadership accountable to the people in every moment which proved to an effective tool of control over them.

The year 2001 saw the team of 480 number of councilors in union council, tehsil council and district council level headed by nazimeen while the district had been divided into twenty four union councils and two tehsils. The three-tier houses (union, tehsil and district) came forward with a panacea for the people of the distant and remote valleys which had hitherto been neglected leaving the people bereaved of all the facilities of daily life.

A councilor from the Yarkhoon valley or Golen or Oveer or Arsoon was empowered in the house to exercise his or her authority as vested in him under the ordinance. Area-wise, Chitral is the largest district of the province and is divided into thirty six segregated valleys and most of them were road infrastructure. Most of the valleys were opened to the outer world with the construction of road and an age of progress and prosperity dawned on them.

The journey of progress continued for about eight years during the two successive terms of local government in Chitral. The people really experienced the positive difference and they came to realize that their future was connected to the strengthening of the system.

During the period, the one wonderful task as accomplished by the exponents of the local government was the perfect natural resource management. Chitral is affluent of natural resources of every type and the thing it lacked was the absence of any orientation apparatus and provision of basic and essential resources. The district government and the two municipal administrations were prompt and earnest in their actions to rise to the occasion and had formulated comprehensive strategies to realize the objective with the ultimate objective of poverty alleviation.

The devolved departments of agriculture, education, works and services and helath had been rendered more efficient by the district government in Chitral. The sectors of education and health were more prompt in their activities than ever before and the distant valleys of Chitral saw a flurry of activities during the period while supervision system was reinforced by the local union nazim aided by the councilors.

The villagers fulfilled their small and collective needs of development by making use of the citizens community boards as well which had been provided in the new local government ordinance. They were no more hindered by the shortage of funds for their development while the nazims of all the three tiers rushed to their help as and when they needed their help to cross any hindrance.

The rich culture of Chitral also flourished during this period while the progress of eco-tourism was at its peak which provided employment opportunities in the tourism industry. A record number of tourists, both local and foreign, were attracted to Chitral solely due to the measures taken by the district government.

The district government had, in short, left no section of life unattended which proved to a catalyst in the progress and prosperity. The people of Chitral are looking forward towards the elections of the local government and elect their representatives on grass root level who may be easily available to them.



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