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 December 29, 2011


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Ayun incident and Political Leaders of Chitral

People of Ayun at last came out to claim their due environmental rights which has been denied to them for the last many years. District Chitral is forest scarce district of KPK and approximately 3% of the whole district is under forest area. With increase in population and reliance of the whole people on this limited area of forest for their fuel consumption as well as timber, area under forest is decreasing in alarming rate. To control ruthless cutting of green Deodar Trees in the limited forest of Kalash Valleyes, Shishikuh and Arandu Valley wave of demonstration has been emerged in Ayun with the sole slogan of Controlling Marking and deforestation in Chitral.

In the whole episode of demonstration people of Ayun remain isolated and no political party and people of other areas cooperated as well as advocated cause of Ayun people which is not only the cause of Ayun but it is the cause of entire Chitral.

When there was demonstration in Ayun and people were arrested in large number they found themselves totally isolated and whole people of Chitral especially political leaders badly exposed that how vulnerable "we the people of Chitral" and how our political leaders are non-sensitive to the problems of Chitral. When people of Ayun were arrested no political leader came out to listen problem of the people and to take up their problem at parliamentary and high government level. Cause of the people of Ayun is Controlling deforestation in Chitral which is in high level in the garb of windfall.

Due to deforestation wildlife is also badly affected in Chitral, especially Markhore and Snow Leopard are worst victims of this menace. We evaluated how green deodar are ruthlessly cut in the forest of Chitral. At first stage one group of timber mafia damaged green deodar trees by fire or axe and after a few months these affected trees become dry and then another group in collaboration with forest department declare them as dry standing to justify marking in the garb of dry standing and windfall.

Through this letter Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court Honorable Justice Dost Mohammad Khan is requested to probe into marking process in Chitral and bane this menace to control natural beauty of Chitral. It is also requested to send judicial investigation team which can investigate the matter on impartial basis otherwise we have no trust on forest department officials of Chitral. International organization working for protection of environment and especially UNO is also requested to take up matter of serious deforestation matter of Chitral and it will also help in restoration of peace in Chitral. Opposition leader Choudary Nisar Ali Khan opposition leader in National Assembly is also requested to raise the issue in the parliament because in Chitral there is no political leader who can address our this serious problem. Imran Khan Chairman Tehrik Insaf is also requested to rescue Chitral from the clutches of timber mafia who made entire people of Chitral as hostage.


Rehmat Ali Jaafar Dost
Environmental activist


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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