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 December 21, 2011


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Reply to the Letter by Dr. Zubaida Sirang

I went through the letter written by Zubaida to the Chitral Times. It was somehow good one but some issues were not undertaken in the letter.

The major ones which I found in the letter were:

The writer has only mentioned the beauty of the spring season of the area while the remaining season has not been included life doesn't stop in the region from October till March. Winter season of the region has its own beauty which we can not neglect in anyway. It is such that the region is covered with the white carpet of the world which only the developed and magnificent area of the world such as England, Canada etc are gifted with by the nature so we are also fortunate enough to enjoy the snowfall in our region.

When we come through the medical issues mention in the region it is not only the responsibility of the government in my opinion to provide medical support door to door without the help of the human resource available. If I am not wrong the writer herself is a doctor by profession. I want to ask her whether she has ever thought to go to the area and serve her native people, I am not sure she has done so, then how can it be possible that someone else will deliver their medical services for the people of the land.

I agree that the government is not capable enough to provide best infrastructure, medical facilities, best educational institutions without the support of the local human resources. The areas can only be developed by the initiatives taken by the native people themselves with help of the ruling Government.

So being the youth of Chitral we have to come up with the determination to address each and every issue up to our level for the betterment of Chitral particularly and whole Pakistan generally.

Arshad Ali


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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