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 December 09, 2011


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Students Are Ethical Leaders.

Students today are facing more complex ethical problems & challenges in Pakistan & especially in Chitral then they use to face in past. Owning to huge technological advancement & obsessive materialism the teen agers are more vulnerable to moral degeneration. These two factors easily take away students from religious & moral values towards an immoral society which has threatened the future of Chitral. Chitral being a traditional society & backward area could not digest the huge change came as a result of ever increasing materialism & technological revolution. This has specifically affected the young generation who are the hope for our future. Now the biggest question which must stirred the mind of our intelligentsia is that how to educate the young generation about the positive utilization of technology so that the prevalent ethical vices can be lessened?

No doubt parents have a great say in character education but ultimately it is the teacher who is to be blamed for the failure to inculcate the desired values into the students. Teachers are the agent of change & they must be the role model for their kids. Keeping the students at the centre of the process the teachers should develop the core values, mission & vision. The teachers & parents should together publicize, promote & exemplify values & train the students that how to live out core values. In schools there should be arrangement for ongoing problem solving students Ethics Offices{ SEO} which might be a noble idea. This office should consist on some students who will be motivating other fellow students towards ethical development through different programmes & talk shows.

Whatever I have tried to spell over above will be fruitful in term of out put. At the end we will see that theteenagers will have confidence leadership skills, courage, appreciation, ability to get educated decisions, personal code & responsibility which will collectively lead them towards ethical revival. This whole process envisages a secure and progressive future guided by golden virtues of Islam. Lastly but not least in the whole process teachers must be fully empowered& supported morally & materially otherwise the process will end in smoke. Building a nation is not as easy as is considered in our country.

Syed Mazhar Ali Shah
Village Charun,chitral


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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