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 November 21, 2011


Comment on "Lets move to protect Chitral"

Rehmat Ali Jaffar has raised an important issue and posed a plausible solution. Indeed, the non stop deforestation is not only deteriorating the natural beauty of Chitral but also endangering the life of thousands. Forests not only add charm to the beauty of the green valleys but they are also an important factor in making life possible in any region. In summers, they hold the soil tightly beneath them to stop frequent floods during the rains. In winters, they slow down and break up any snow flow from above, and thus prevent heavy avalanches. In many valleys like Shishikoh, forests are a matter of life and death for the people. In such narrow valleys there is a dearth of vast plains in between , and thus people have to build their houses in steep slops which are not only vulnerable to the landslides but also to the heavy avalanches and devastating floods. Also, in the recent past, the heavy rains and floods have reduced the already small cultivable land to a negligible one. Besides these, the road from Drosh to Madaklasht, which is one of the dangerous roads in the district, is always adversely affected due to rains in summers or snowfall in winters. Consequently, people have to bear a lot of unwanted trouble every year.

In a nut a shell, deforestation endangers life, brings calamity, destroys the beauty, undermines the economy and halts the progress. Therefore, if the Govt. and the people don't take any serious step now to curb the menace of deforestation then one day these beautiful valleys will turn into one of the worst places to live in.

Yasir Ali
NUST, Karachi



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