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 November 21, 2011


A humble request to the concerned authorities

Its great pleasure for Chitrali people that SAMBU Company is providing its valued services for construction of Golain Gole Hydel project. The said company has leased out the river bank of Balach and is extracting and exporting the sand and gravels to the project site at Koghuzi (Mashelik). The continuous movement of SAMBU heavy trucks on the road and activity at river bank shows the rapid development works in Chitral.

Along with this the Chitrali community is feeling some imperfections in the current plans of SAMBU. Firstly, it’s a famous quote that “snake and river never moves straight”. The Balach village community is feeling the threat that the main river has changed its course from Balach after a long interval of 20 years and now the Balach village is save from river erosion up to some extent. Now huge sand is being transported from the deposited the river banks. If the river changes its direction towards Balach again, that will lead to not only damages to the lands of poor people but to national airport as well. Secondly, the heavy trucks been used are more massive (than the total length of the black tapped road ) where they are moving in such speed. No doubt the drivers of SAMBU are highly professional and experienced by the opponent driver may not always be that much professional.

Though this newspaper I would like to request the concerned authorities and SAMBU Company to think about best possible options for the safety of Village Balach from future erosion and innocent passengers coming to Chitral city from Upper Chitral who can clash with the over speedy transport trucks of SAMBU Company at any time.

Imran Elahi,
Danine Chitral.



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