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 November 21, 2011


Daughter of Chitral

This letter is regarding the letter published in Chitral times “your letters “by Asiya Khan
My Message for daughter of Chitral,

I read the article “message for daughters of Chitral” where she has share her opinions with youngsters belonging from Chitral and living out of home for the purpose of study. She has started her article in Urdu language by mentioning the dignity of women as mother, wife, and sister. It seems that the writer also belongs from Chitral and living out of her home. We really appreciate her comprehensive massage for the Chitrali youngsters where she has addressed all the issues which become helpful in occurrence of such incident. She has mentioned one issue which was occurs few months ago, which is really disappointing not only for every Chitrali sister but also for whole Chitralies.

What I have noticed wrong in the message is that the write has specified the incident location. Although such incidents are occurring throughout the country but target ting a specific incident has really hurt the students who are studying in targeted area. Everybody condemned that personal act of that individual but it does not mean that every Chitrali youngster is immature like her. I think the youngsters are well aware about the norms and values of our culture and society. We know that we are out of our homes for the purpose of study and how our parents and other related people and society expecting from us.

Gul Samar Ghazal
JUW Karachi


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