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 November 16, 2011


Lets Move to Protect Chitral


Chitral had been rich resort of foreign and domestic tourists due to its greenery and unique indigenous culture. Large number of tourists visits this green belt of KPK even from foreign countries and contributes too much to local economy and also provides employment opportunities to local youth in tourism industry. Besides all these positive indicators recently self-interested group and timber mafia have created havoc with the green gold of Chitral in order to enrich themselves at the cost of whole population. If corrective measures are not taken well in time to control deforestation whole of Chitral will be converted into barren land within no time and whole infrastructure of tourism industry will demolish in the area. Deforestation also poses serious threat to wildlife especially Snow leopard and Markhore which have sole habitation in Chitral. Following immediate steps are to be taken by concern authorities to ensure dream of clean and green Chitral as well as to restore natural beauty of this peaceful district.

1. Marking and artificial harvesting should be banned with immediate effect.

2. Movement of timber from outside district should be controlled and properly banned.

3. In common practice local community acquire permit for their domestic use but timber mafia supply quadruple of the permit with the support of forest department official this trend should be controlled.

4. There should be proper plantation system in Chitral and local community may be involved in the whole process of plantation and after caring of the new plants.

5. Recently public uprising is also visible in various parts of Chitral against marking and artificial harvesting because in the garb of wind fall, dry standing green trees are observed to be harvested in the forest of Chitral by forest contractors involved in the process of marking. This trend should be investigated and controlled with immediate effect.

6. District Administration is also having consultation with local community to soften their grievances against marking so that mass movement could be averted in the district which also poses serious administrative problems when whole of the people will come out from their home against marking.

7. Local community especially youth community, teachers, students and other patriotic people are requested to raise their voice against this menace of deforestation and marking which is disfiguring natural beauty of Chitral.

8. President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, and opposition leader in the National Assemble, Chief Minister KPK and Governor KPK are requested to save beauty of Chitral by controlling marking and artificial harvesting in Chitral.

9. International community and environmental protection organization are also requested to save Natural beauty of Chitral by raising their voice against marking and deforestation in Chitral.

Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost
Environmental activist Chitral



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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