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 November 13, 2011


Values of Life

By: Syed Nasir uddin Pirzada.

When we observe around us, we see lot of different people. The differences are not only in their appearances or physical qualities and abilities, but also in their attitude toward life, people and the world around them. They work differently, talk differently, think differently and even live different types of lives. As far as differences in physical qualities and abilities are concerned, they are obvious and easily understandable. But when we see the different attitudes of people, in a society towards one single thing, we are compelled to ponder about the causes for these differences. For instance, doctors’ attitudes towards their patients; one doctor deals with his patients sympathetically and tries to help him get rid of his suffering regardless of his economic condition; another doctor is interested in money more then his patients.

People have different attitudes towards their work; some to their work honestly, sincerely, with care and concern, and some only to pass their time. Some work for money, some work for fame and prestige, some work to benefit others. While some are involved in activities which are harmful to others. The same scientific knowledge is used in helping people solve their problems and improve their living conditions, and at the same time in destroying people and creating problems for them. What makes people act differently or to have different attitudes towards life and the world around them?

This question is very important and vital in order to develop a positive attitude in oneself. Its validity and urgency becomes more important in our times when people, and specially our youths, are developing undesired and destructive attitudes. Such attitudes result in uncertainty. Disintegrates, lack of faith, lack of purpose and objective in life, and ultimately dissatisfaction and unhappiness. No human action or expression is independent. They are governed and controlled by an invisible force nourished and developed in oneself. The invisible force is the “force of values”. In other words all the expressions and actions are the manifestations of ones values and ideologies.

In the world of today, we witness that people, specially our youths, are losing the importance of values which are indispensable for a peaceful, harmonious, progressive and healthy society. As a result, they lose a sense of direction, purpose in life and consequently get involved in all sorts of social, psychological and moral conflicts with ever growing disunity and dissatisfaction outside.

With ever-increasing material progress and human control over the forces of nature, people, particularly those of the industrialized world, have acquired grater resources to enjoy a more prosperous life with increasing capacity for leisure. This material prosperity and leisure is instigating man, and particularly the younger generation, to forsake all the subtle values and ideals which control human actions.

The young people very often give in to the temptation of breaking all the social, cultural, religious and moral bonds that come in the way of acquisition of momentary and arbitrary pleasures without giving a thought to its consequences on their personal, that is, physical, mental, material, and spiritual lives, or on their family and friends.



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