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 November 13, 2011



It is of no worth to get surprise being a Chitrali and more than that my childhood memories are attached with this beautiful place, but never focused me before, to observe too deeply about the natural beauty of Chitral, as what I imagined during my recent Eid vacation in Chitral.

Walking in cold blowing weather, dumping yourself with number of protective shelf, enjoying of taking Chitrali traditional diets specially sensational stimulating tea is one of paradise assets.

What a beautiful was the scene, when I suddenly meet a gathering assembled to participate different sports games organized by “Mough student federation” in mountainous bounded village ‘Mough’ in Caramchashma valley. This village is popular in Chitral for its traditional Mough pati and having great number of well educated people. More amusing and interesting scene behind this gathering was, that I saw variety of resident people belonging different sector of life, including well educated, elder, children, and youth enjoying in a common gathering. Use and adapt these group games and exercises ideas to suit your situation. These free team building activities, games and exercises are great motivator for training sessions, meetings, organizational development, and behavioral safe society for young people and students. Team building games and activities are useful also in provision of a clean and respectable society. Where games and activities help delegates to see things differently and use different thinking styles. Games and exercises help with stimulating the brain, improving retention of ideas, and increasing fun and enjoyment.

It was not only our cultural impression and beauty that led me to write this article, but The beauty of Chitral lies as much in its rustic, mountainous terrain, as in its warmhearted and friendly inhabitants. Chitral forms Pakistan's northwestern border with Afghanistan, and is home to the precipitous mountains of the Hindkush. Tirich Mir at 7708m and its accompanying peaks, Noshaq (7492m), Istoro Nal (7403m) and Saraghrar (7338m) command respect. Alexander the Great's troops had to battle through the snows on their passage from Afghanistan to Pakistan, and called the Hindu Kush 'Parapamisus' meaning mountains over which no eagle can fly.

This is the natural beauty of this land, when we look to the top of these mountains which are fully cover with whitish paint of ice, but in the middle of these mountains we found a hot spring almost 67Ċ popular with the name of Garamchashma , really shows the greatness of Allah and beauty of Chitral. If we just look from broghol to lower Chitral, we will found climatic variation, traditional culture, medicinal plants, running spring, beautiful land, terrenes, rivers, cold blowing breeze, beautiful lakes, divert culture more than that peace loving people. These qualities give Chitral a unique feature entirely different from rest of Pakistan.

The most fascinating scene was, that I observed while traveling back to Peshawar. Along the road at many places I saw people cutting the woods which have been decanted to road from mountains, also digging activities for mines and lime stones more than that heavy machineries in front of kowari tunnel. When we entered in tunnel, I realized, what a wonderful job has been done for Chitralis; I accompanied number of young students, they celebrated their joys while singing traditional Chitrali songs, really showed the happiness and enthusiasm of Chitralis for this huge mega project.
Briefly I would like to say that our beautiful land Chitral, capacitate marvelous natural beauty, abundant natural assets and peace loving people. We should pray for integrity and solidarity of Chitral. We should cooperate and work together for development and preservation of our beautiful culture.

Aftab Khan Research Officer
Pakistan Medical Research Council
Khyber Medical College Peshawar.


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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