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 October 29, 2011


CSWO Achievement

Chitral Student Welfare Organization (Rawalpindi/Islamabad) (CSWO®) is the only registered Students organization representing Chitrali Students in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It is registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Act (VSWAA) Government of Pakistan.

Chitral Students Welfare Organization in its capacity, is a well organized by Chitrali Students, striving to facilitate chitrali students in Islamabad/Rawalpindi to educate the people of Chitral because CSWO believes that Education plays a key role in the development of any country and it also promote peace. There is no direct source of funding to this organization and therefore CSWO look towards other welfare organizations and political representatives to arrange the cost for its different activities.

CSWO arrange seminars to create awareness among the youth, to preserve our rich culture CSWO also arrange different Cultural events, because what we believe is, its only our culture that distinguish CHITRALIS from all others in Pakistan and now all over the world. Its only our rich culture and our cultural activities that attracts many of the foreign and local visitors towards Chitral.

Some of the main aims and Objectives of CSWO:
Career counseling to guide the students about different universities in Islamabad. So that the students are well aware of any university before getting admission in it.
To arrange talent award shows for the encouragement of talented students.
To arrange seminars and debates among the students.
To provide books and other materials for studies to the poor and talented students.
It is the responsibility of the organization to publish newsletter every year which will discuss the problems of students and other educational issues.
I would like to share some of our major achievements of CSWO under the presidency of Mr. Saif Ul Islam during their short one and half year tenure as president of CSWO.

1. Right after elections CSWO arranged a well come party for all new coming students in different universities of Islamabad, at International Islamic University. The purpose of this was to give a brief idea to the new students about the University and hotel life in Islamabad. Which indeed helped them to face different initial challenges that a student face at University.
2. CSWO made an agreement with 'Crysatl Lines Coaster Services' according to which every student traveling form Islamabad to Chitral or vice versa will get a 20% discount, which was highly appreciated by people belonging backgrounds.
3.The year 2010 was full of disaster for Chitral because of the flood. CSWO was not behind from any one during that hard time and played its part actively to help and support our Chitrali brothers. For this reason CSWO invited the Football team of International Islamic University to Chitral and play different charity matches with local trams. The income generated form this event plus some donations from local Chitrali job holder was amounting exactly 1 Lac forty thousand (140000), which was distributed to flood affected people of Chitral. An amount of 1 Lac twenty thousand was donated by a foreigner to CSWO Chairman, which was also distributed to the flood affected people.
4.A blood donation committee was created which played an active role in coordination with different hospitals in Islamabad to donate blood to people coming to different hospital form Chitral.
5. CSWO in order to inform and educate the Chitrali Students about different universities in Islamabad, conducted a 20 minute session on Radio Pakistan Chitral (khowar Programe khowaro Awanar). After assessing the effectiveness and demands of people from Chitral CSWO once again arranged the same sort of program on the same radio channel.
6. CSWO contacted different welfare Organizations to provide financial assistance to needy students. Students were facilitated to submit forms for financial assistance in Haqe Welfare foundation Rawalpindi.

These were just a few of the many achievements of the out going CSWO cabinet. And we sincerely hope that the new cabinet will work hard, with the same energy.

According to the bylaws of this organization the student representatives to lead CSWO should be elected after every 2 years by proper elections, in which all the students residing and studying in Rawalpindi/Islamabad can casts their votes. As per constitutions guidelines this year the elected cabinet nominate an election commission initiate of electing a new cabinet for CSWO. The campaign was publicized  through various news papers. Last but not the least through mobile SMS.

Through these media platforms each student was informed about the elections and to nominate their presidential candidate for the upcoming elections. The last date of submission was 25th September which was also mentioned. By the end of the given time this time around only one candidate's paper were submitted. The election commission reserved the rights and thus the election Committee declared the only presidential candidate as the new President of CSWO and was asked to make a proper cabinet. One can refer to the below mentioned links incase of any ambiguity, which gives the detailed press reports of each event.

Criticism is always encouraged in a developed society and yes people have the right to speak and criticize but one should have enough knowledge of any particular thing before speaking or criticizing. There are people around who are criticizing CSWO and its volunteers. As a Chitrali student one should be vigilant enough to follow the activities of this organization. One cannot sit home and criticize an effort of other without contributing himself. But to me a neutral person should also look towards the bright side of the picture and encourage students who are giving their time for the welfare of other student brothers.

(Ejaz )
Ex-Information Secretary CSWO


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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