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 October 22, 2011



My Message for Daughters of Chitral

ďKahtay han Aurat agr Beti ha tou rehmat ha, agr Biwi ha tou shohar k nisf iman ki waris ha, agr Maa ha tou aun k qadmoon k nichay Janat haĒ

Impressive isnít it? This phrase makes us realize about the respect and pride a girl holds either she be a daughter, sister, wife or mother. Woman is the symbol of love. In a society like Pakistan women are responsible for nurturing their families with strong family ties and inculcating ethics in their children.

Today the great purpose of writing this article for me is to share my opinions with all youngsters especially with all my chitrali sisters those who are living out of their home for the purpose of study. We all are well known about the issues that have come prominent in Karachi within a few months, nothing is hidden. It is really disappointing for all the true chitralies and even has put black spot on our civilized culture. In todayís world, influence of media has rapidly grown which ultimately has resulted in exposing even piety issues. Consequently, Chitral is a small area whatever we do, we are noticed by everyone. . We should never forget that we are known by our rich culture and heritage either we are living in any part of the world. Our culture is from one of those rare cultures in World, which is appreciated across the borders. Sincerity, love, hospitality, loyalty and peace are the hall marks of our personalities and culture. However, things are changing and some pertinent issues have diverted all our attention towards it. Itís a human trait that we try and trust each individual we meet but it should not be the case we should remain vigilant and critical all the time in order to secure our heritage and culture. May be its lack of guidance here, or maybe we forget our rich cultural norms and values or may be it is just because of our blind trust on everyone, as a result we are facing this type of critical issues.

Today being as a daughter and sister I want to tell all my sisters. Our parents are born in a green and peaceful valley thatís why they are not aggressive by nature, mostly which are seen in our neighbor areas (tribal areas). Our parents trust us and leave us to breath in the air of freedom . Itís time we ask ourselves if we know the meaning of freedom .Don Ďt use this freedom and parents love in a wrong way, it is a clear indication that, you may lose their love, and you may build a barrier in your own way just because of your immature steps. Donít reject the advice and guidance of your parents because they have more experience of life. Your this kind of attitudes compel them to come on execution and their sincere loving nature will one day be changed into a cruel one.

Daily itís a common head line of every newspaper a father/brother killed her daughter/sister in the name of dignity. We are blessed not to be the part of such a culture which does not care or respect relationships. We are living in freedom where we want to move for purpose of studies our parents send there. Itís their trust on us and on their guidance they know that, we protect their reputation. Our parents do not want to impose an unbearable burden on us. Even our culture has protected womanís pride.

But unfortunately, we are not feeling hesitation when we are to demolish our parents inherit dignity. Girls should keep in mind that their parents will take better decisions for their lives and they should always keep them in your trust. . We know that, they were always with us when we were doing a little thing.

This is my humble request and exert to all my sisters, before going to take any step. Just come out of yourself and think about the people those who are a part of you. You are not the only owner of your life. For whole life your one wrong step will be notoriety for them. Always respect yourself; people who do not respect themselves are not able to respect anybody else. Show yourself as mature and educated person. Always share your views with your family members then you will know that, how much life is easy when your family is with you in your every step.

Asiya Khan



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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