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 October 18, 2011



Homage to Abdur Razaq
By: Hidayat ur Rahman

Abdur Razaq is an Afghan refugee lived in Chitral for last thirty years. He had a shop of Bakery in New Bazaar just opposite to Jamiya Masjid bazaar. He belongs to a Syed family of Panjsher, a valley in Northern Afghanistan. His cousin Qari Abdul Salam has been a member of the Loya Jirga (grand assembly) of Afghanistan. Who is proprietor of a series of Bakeries in Chitral. Razaq family has also got a foremost position in the present Karzai’s government. Presently his cousin Paiman is a member of the National Assembly of Afghanistan. His family is well known for learning and knowledge from many generations hence people of Panjsher have given great esteem to the family members of his family, call them Agha. His amiable personality and love for literature attracted so many peoples of Chitral in various field of literature i.e. history, poetry, linguistics, culture and religion etc, who gathered in his shop and discuss various literary topics. Razaq’s academic decorum made his shop into a literary association and sub-centre for the researchers, his shop was like a saloon for the lovers of literature and knowledge. These people who were betrothed with him as Ghulam Sarwar Sehraye [Kari], Abdul Wali Khan Khamosh [Kosht], Ibrahim Wali Kamil [Moldeh], Sardar Zaman [Shogram], Amir Hamza [Zayet], Saeedul Ibrar [Moghulandeh], Sherin ex Nazim [Lotkuh], Muhammad Iliyas [Kosht], Noor Elahi [Chomorkhon], Mahboob [Reshun], Nasir Ahmad [Kosht], Yousuf [Morder], Haji Saeedullah [Moldeh],Qimat Nazim Beg [Sha Dok], Sadat Hussain [Tengshan], Zia ur Rahman [Tengshan], Siraj Ahmad [Kosht], Abdul Aziz [Torkho], Younus [Rehan Kot], Muhammad Hussain [Torkho], Fazle Aziz [Orghouch] and myself. Muhammad Shakur Gharib is his favorite poet of Chitral. He is exceptionally superior translator of Persian language into other languages. Most of the people of Chitral were coming to him for translating of historical and archival documents.

During his stay in Chitral as I have translated Shahnamaye Siar ( a manuscript written by Mirza Muhammad Siar in the beginning of nineteen century ) with his help and it is now gear to be published and also translated some pages of Divan-i Gharib and much concerning archival Persian materials on history of Chitral and else where in the adjacent areas. Furthermore I have learned Persian language from him.

Sehraye was also in pat with him, translating deferent asnads and books of history in Persian language and got reciprocal learning of Persian and Khowar literature. He made a dictionary of Persian words in Khowar language with the help of Razaq.

During his stay in Chitral Sir Black Bourne a British scholar and lawyer visited him and enjoyed his hospitality.

Before I had acquaintance Razaq I was used to get help in touch in translating Persian and other scholarly discussion with his cousin and brother in law Abdul Maqbud. He is at present lives in Kunduz of Afghanistan. He is also literature adoring personality and established a book shop in Kunduz. He wrote a preface of translated work of Muhammad Irfan Irfan’s Kuliyat-i Mahkve.

The day which I had been fearful of witnessing has finally arrived. The day when he is going away to Afghanistan. Wish that this day could be delayed, but since that is not possible, I want to let him know that he has been an inspiration and good company which shall be missed and loved forever. There are no words as strong to express what I feel in my heart. Just want to tell him that he shall be missed. It is sad that I have to bid him farewell as the eight years of friendship are over now, but I am happy for him that you are going to start a new journey in life.

At the end I would like to conclude with the dictum of George Washington “Greatness is seen in the thoughts and deeds of certain special men and women, who rise above their personal wants and needs and see a greater good”.


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