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 October 18, 2011



Brief History of Ex Mehter Chitral HH Prince Saif ul Mulk Nasir

Saif ul-Mulk succeeded his father at the tender age of four. He reigned under a Council of Regency for the next twelve years, during which Pakistani authority gradually increased over the state. Although installed as a constitutional ruler when he came of age in 1966, he did not enjoy his new status very long. Chitral was absorbed and fully integrated into the Republic of Pakistan by Prime Minister Bhutto in 1971. In order to reduce the popular Mehtar's influence, he, like so many other princes in neighbouring India, was "invited" to represent his country abroad. He served in various diplomatic posts and retired from the service as Consul-General in Hong Kong in 1989.

H.H. Mehtar Muhammad Saif ul-Mulk Nasir, Mehtar of Chitral, born at Chitral House, Peshawar, 12th May 1950, elder son of H.H. Mehtar Saif ur-Rahman, Mehtar of Chitral, by his second wife, H.H. Khonza, elder daughter of Major H.H. Mehtar Sir Muhammad Nasir ul-Mulk, Mehtar of Chitral, KCIE,

He was educated from . Aitchison Coll, Lahore. Succeeded on the death of his father, 14th October 1954. Reigned under the Regency of his uncle, Shahzada Asad ur-Rahman, until he came of age. Invested with full ruling powers, at Chitral Fort, May 1966.

Chitral was absorbed into the Republic of Pakistan, 1st January 1971. Entered the Pakistan Foreign Service 1973, and served as First Sec at Ankara, Turkey 1974-1979, Deputy Chief of Protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Peshawar and Islamabad 1979-1985, and Assist Consul-General in Hong Kong 1985-1989.

He was founder Patron Chitral Polo Association since 1957, and Anjuman-e-Tariqe Khowar since 1960, Patron and Guardian of The Ayubia Union, etc.

He had Received Queen Elizabeth II Coron (2.6.1953) and Pakistan Republic (1956) medals.
He was married to Her Highness The Khonza of Chitral (born . 1956), daughter of Nawab Muhammad Said Khan, Nawab of Amb, by his wife younger daughter of Major H.H. Nasir ul-Mulk, Mehtar Sir Muhammad Ahmad, Mehtar of Chitral, KCIE, by his first wife, the daughter of the Mir Hakim of the Raza Khel tribe of Laspur. He had issue, two sons and two daughters:

1) Shahzada Fateh ul-Mulk 'Ali Nasir, Mehtarbak, Wali-Akht Sahib. b. 27th November 1983, educ. Univ. of Buckingham LLB and University of Miami , USA LLM.
2) Shahzada Hammad ul-Mulk Nasir. b. 20th September 1990.
The Mehtar was kind man and had distributed thousands of Kanals of land among the poor and homeless to build houses. He passed away in Islamabad on 18th October 2011 at 5 am. He will be burried in Royal Cemetery of Chitral near the Shahi Jamia Masjid and Chitral Fort tomorrow at 11 am. (Chitraltiems.com)


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