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 October 04, 2011



Kabul Demo

I read a news of demonstration in Kabul chanting slogans against Pakistan on Sunday October 2. I was not astonished at the event because CIA can stage such demos only in Kabul where the agency can gather a crowd on cash payment in dollars at any time. However the Afghans should not forget that CIA agents took the Afghans to street against Noor Muhammad Tarakai in 1978. The CIA agents uprooted 15 million Afghans and forced them to be un-invited and un-wanted guests in Pakistan and Iran. Pakistan suffers from the shock of hosting 8 million Afghan refugees under the directives of CIA in the turbulent years of the Afghan civil war. Now we cannot blame Afghans, we can only say Thank you to CIA, for the Kabul Demo of October 2.

Bashir Hussain Azad,
Shahi Bazar Chitral.


Thanks Chairman WAPDA

After the recent visit of Chairman WAPDA and his meeting with government and Civil society organization  members the menace of load shedding has almost ended in Chitral town. We were expecting that after his  departure Chitral town will again fall in darkness as we had great experience in past that during the visit of high profile personality there had been no load shedding but after his departure we had to again wait for many hours. He seemed very positive in various briefings and meetings which he attended  in Chitral during his current visits. We hope that his visit will prove to be sustainable solution of load shedding issue in Chitral town.


Bilal Ahmad
Zang Bazar Chitral


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