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June 28, 2009




I miss thee with every breath I take,

My abode here is for thy namesake,

I miss thy valleys, mountains and skies,

The love and affection, bonds and ties,

I miss thy earth, air and waters,

Struggle hard for thou, thy sons and daughters,

I miss thy paths, springs and streams,

Ah, them places still haunt my dreams,

I miss thy traditions and cultural heritage,

‘Tis became my recognition on global stage,

I miss the purity and simplicity that prevails,

A trademark of one, from thee who hails,

I miss thee, my lovely heaven on earth,

Truly, a dwelling of eternal joy and mirth,

I miss the hours and moments with thee I spent,

Yee know naught, to me what it meant,

I pray my Lord, thee live forever,

Dare cross thy bosoms, no enemy clever,

Thou art my beloved, on this blue green ball,

O’ my beautiful, beautiful Chitral…

Bibi Kausar Fatima


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