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Mastuj Broghal Road, Its strategic importance and social implications
Hard aspects of 'Soft' Chitral

Students and Political influence

What is a difference between TV anchor, Journalist and Bloggers?
Environmental impact of Shandur Festival Letter..II
Environmental Impact of Shandur Festival
A‘Chetrar’ under Katur dynasty : Domain and political structure.

Congratulations to Mr. MUshahid Hussain

Shandur Festival and VIP ‘catwalk

Summer vacation & Some Schools still ope

Environmental degradation in Chitral!
Beware: unauthorized ‘business’ dealers on the prowl

Hydel Power Projects in Chitral And Tectonic Fault Zones

Open letter to DPO Chitral.

Gratitude from foreign Para gliders
Innocents are the victims in Karachi city violence
Case for Chitral Province

Acceptance of anyone is unbearable in life why?

Suicide among Adolescent
How did I become a Teacher?

Current Crises between Judiciary & Executive 

Shandur road widening in the doldrums
Poor performance of U phone network
Do not reinvent the wheel—Thalassemia prevalence needs attention
Students organizations condemn the release of accused......

Remembering A Female Teacher

Precious lands at the risk of being swept away

HAEMOPHILIA-Understanding psychosocial insights and the remedy

Appeal for Help with Our Mother
Status of Women
Choosing a Right Career

Town Planning.. It’s time to think about

Congratulation to Engr. Fida Ahmad
Thanks to Commander HQ FC NA Gilgit
AIOU is in economic crisis?
We condemns the killing of Zahid Hussain ...CSWO Isb
Etesalat and Pak Telecommunication 
Congratulations to Dr Inayatullah Faizi

جنسی امراض بچاؤ کے طریقے  

SSC Annual Examination with Poor sitting arrangements

Why Nursing profession and Nurses?

Climate Change.. A blessing for Chitral

Message for Chitralians
Should Patients be allowed to View their own Medical Records?
A question floating in mind of Chitrali Students in Karachi
Best wishes and congratulations on Chitral times 9th anniversary
My request to the Public Health Department
Deforestation in Chitral....Letter-IV
Influx of Outland People in Chitral
The color of universe is from the existence of the female”
The soul mates

Interior Ministers' statement condemned

Harassments on Nurses:
Domestic Violence
Nurses Help in Decreasing Mortality Rate
Sustainable Micro Hydel Projects ‘The’ Dream of the Rural Community
Rescue Chitral from Catastrophe

Violation of Notification 2008 by Private Hospitals of Sindh.

Message for Students
Low Life standard of Nurses
Let us keep some and change some
Work load on Nurses affects on patients care
Difference between Government Nurses and Private Nurses
Condolence to the family of Mughal Baz Laspur
Nurses Demands Dignity and Respect

The Effects of Stigma related to HIV-AIDS diagnosed women’s in Society

Eat Meat by Zehra Parvani

Serving Higher Education-A University For Chitral

Role of an Oncology Nurse
We are still enduring
Continuing Professional Development must be priority for Nurses
Better News for Chitralis
Deforestation in Chitral
Time to align for interest articulation
Early marriage and its consequences
Drug Abuse & Society
Impact of Poverty on Health
Local Government System in Chitral
Ayun incident and Political Leaders of Chitral
Privatize WAPDA

Reply to the Letter by Dr. Zubaida Sirang

Chitral Board
YARKHUN -The beautiful valley of Chitral

Congratulation to Nizar Ali

Students Are Ethical Leaders.

Congratulations to Tariq Mehmood

Condolence message for Col Akramullah
Importance of Communication.
Comments on "Lets move to protect Chitral"
A humble request to the concerned authorities
Daughter of Chitral...Letter II
My Dead Line Changed to Life Line By An Angelic Hand
All Chitral & Gilgit tournament final match will be played on 20th Nov
Lets Move to Protect Chitral
Dr. Muhammad Ismai Wali:A Symbol of dedication and commitment
Effect of Students’ Classroom Participation on Students’ Learning
Values of Life
Chitral: “mounteous paradise”
Use of Cooperative Learning Teaching Strategy (Jigsaw)
Congratulation to the people of Mastuj, Yarkhun and Laspur
Sir Aga Khan III’s birth anniversary
CSWO Achievements
My Message for Daughters of Chitral

Condolence to the Royal Family

Brief History of Ex Mehter Chitral HH Prince Saif ul Mulk Nasir
Homage to Abdur Razaq
Education Reforms in Chitral
Policy of escape panacea

Congratulation to Ziaur Rehman

Lowari Tunnel: A Politically Orphan Project
Colors of the Soul
Lawari Tunnel

Kabul Demo

Thanks Chairman WAPDA
Upper Chitral requires need assessment
A Chitrali, Fighting for a Drug Free World
AKU Open House at Booni
Effect of Students’ Classroom Participation on Students’ Learning
Rising incidences of elopement
Mirza Muhammad Ghufran
Saving education in Chitral
Chitrali Fusion Music
College closes door of education on deserving students Letter-III
Chitrar Must Be Defended
College Closes Door of Education..Letter II
History of Census in Chitral
Comments on Islamuddin 's Article
Chitral’s emerging political scene
College closes door of education on deserving students
Junk Food vs. Healthy Nutrition for YOUNG Children
Negligence: A never ending story
Request to the staff of Govt Girls Degree College Chitral
Remember your promise

Influential and famous Kalasha Curator passes away.

Saying no to drugs.

Chitral town: A poor administrative city

Causes of depression in Chitrali youth......Letter II

Deforestation in Chitral

Time to wake up
Pathways for Youth to Actualize their Dreams
Concise Biological Glance on Garamchashma Hot Spring

GADO holds its AGM

Online Advertising is the only one Increasing
Paradigm shift in examinations seen
Islamuddin may enlighten E&SE with his precious advices & guidance


Advantages of Internet.

Effect of Natural Therapy on Hypertension

Disadvantages of Internet:
Ambassadors of Goodwill

Causes of depression in Chitrali youth Letter II

Oweer Irrigation Channel and NGOs role

EDO education makes impact-comment....Letter-III
What is wrong with our education system?
Bifurcation of Administrative from Teaching Cadre
Celebrities Combating Poverty
Tribute to Father
Executive is very active!!
who cares?
Role of Pakistan in Afghanistan's Future
Murder case compromise dominates Seminar proceedings
Teacher Leadership and Its Significance
Effect of Natural Therapy on Hypertension
EDO Education makes impact-A comment
Private Colleges in Chitral.....Letter II
FOCUS holds workshop in AKHSS Kuragh

Congratulation Messages

Private Colleges’ Role-----Are We Flying up or Falling down?
Causes of Inhibition between parents and Children.


Causes of Depression in Chitrali Youth

Good Governance

Every Child is Smart in Their on Way

Deforestation in Chitral

The Character of a Women In today's World
Water problems in Chitral.
Mega projects for Chitral.
World Earth Day.
Live Talk with Prime Minister.

Who will protect the future of endangered species?

Transforming School into a Learning Community

Black Out of Electricity

A Pride of Chitral

AKPBSP Chitral inaugurates Water Supply Scheme in Lone

A Chitrali girl's encounter with destiny
World Water Day.
Sports and Chitral culture.
Parents involvement in child's education.

Naw'roz Mubarak to all of you!

Prince Zia ud din Ali should be nominated PPP President

Poor strategy of irrigation department 

Nursing’s Future Challenges

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Role of Family In Gender Identity Construction
Naming of Lawari tunnel entrance gates. letter III
Problems of the Chitrali Youth
Heavy snowfall posed a threat to the residents of Parsan Karimabad
Congratulation to Masood ul Mulk..II
Naming of Lawari tunnel.... Letter II


Lawari tunnel and entrance Gates

Threat to Khowar Culture

Mobile phone mania ........Letter ..V

Developmental organizations and their impact in Chitral

Restraint: Help or Burden

Really very disgusting!
Thanks to all!..... Dr. Hamida
Mobile Phone Mania IV
Suicide: The Only Way Out / Intervention
Appeal to MNA Chitral Shahzada Mohyuddin
Increasing Population and Poverty
Education problem in Chitral.
3rd Death Anniversary of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed
Mobile Mania In Chitral Letter III

Congratulation messages for Dr. Hamida

Mobile Mania in Chitral" letter II
A separate market in Chitral for women
Mobile Mania in Chitral.
Brief history of Pakistan’s Economy Letter-III

Quit it

Ghost Schools
Democracy and Lawari Tunnel
Brief history of Pakistan’s Economy Letter-II


Yarkhuniks Lose Every Bit of Their Agriculture Product
Brief History of Pakistan’s Economy

Appeal to Chief Justice of Pakistan

Summary of flood damages in Yarkhun.
Prevention of Heart Diseases
Social Justice and Fair Living
Make Arabic compulsory not Pashto
Citizen Committee......letter---II
Chitral Needs a Citizens Committee
PTCL Poor Service in Koh Area
Malpractices in the appointment of Class four
The boycott of classes by AKES, P teachers
Heart Attacks and Drinking Warm Water
Floods, A Natural Calamity
Making Booni A Safer Place to Live In
Flood havoc- a wake up call
Glacial Floods in Booni and FOCUS Aerial Survey Report
PIA and Northern Areas
Expanding Economic System and the revenge of nature.

Chitral University

Booni, In Urgent Need of our Attention
Marriages are made in heaven
Shandur Polo festival
Role of SRSP in Relief & Rehabilitation operation
Advice to Shahzada & Chitrali

Suspending of CIADP Projects   letter I,II

A lost Ball in the High Weeds

Rescue, Relief & Rehabilitation Measures in flood effected areas
Be careful as this kind of scam might happen to any of you

Reply to Mr. Waqar Ahmad

Appeal to Governor of Khyber Pukhtun Khwa Province.
Paradise lost.
Increasing symptoms of depression in Chitral


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