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  January 08, 2017



We are addicted to Facebook

Have you given up or reduced your involvement in social, occupational or recreational activities due to Facebook? Have you made a conscious but unsuccessful effort to reduce your Facebook "use"? Facebook has become so much a part of our life now that itís so prevalent across the world. With close to a billion users out there, one can easily throw a stone and hit a Facebook user. The amount of time users engage in Face book activities, like updating statuses, posting photos, commenting and Ďlikingí posts has also been increasing with smart phones and 3G/Wi-Fi networks becoming commonplace in recent years.

Given the accessibility and ease of use of Facebook whenever and wherever you are, itís no wonder more and more people are addicted to the popular social networking site. You may ask, whatís wrong if you use Facebook frequently as a means of entertainment, or as a means to relieve your stress? Well, thereís nothing wrong. However, when Facebook activities start interfering with your everyday life and become detrimental to your daily functioning at work or in school, you might have a problem.

At a time when many netizens are concern over the issue of privacy online, itís strange to find that there are still a number of us who voluntarily share our deepest secrets about our intimate lives on Facebook. It has perhaps a lot to do with the gratification of being acknowledged or approved by our peers. Thereís no basis for me to say that sharing about ourselves is wrong, because each of us have our own social needs to fulfill. Itís what makes us humans. What Iím talking about here is the idea of over-sharing, of saying too much and then regretting what we said. When weíre addicted to something, weíll do anything just to get a satisfying dose of engagement in the activity. So in the case of Facebook addiction, we may become unable to judge whatís appropriate to share, allowing our desire to be heard to override our privacy concerns.

People are using Facebook to avoid dealing with some things, such as your work or personal issues at home? Unfortunately when we spend so much time preoccupied with trying to project the perfect life, we forget to enjoy life for what it is, actually experiencing and savouring moments for what they are, not what they could be.Once you know what the underlying issue is, youíll be more confident to manage your addiction. If thereís none to be found, then maybe it has to do with habit.

Put Facebook away for awhile, go out and experience the offline world by interacting with your friends face-to-face. You will realize how much more wonderful that is than to stare at your newsfeed all day long. The best way to celebrate life, with all of its ups and downs, is to live it, rather than broadcast it.

Huma Afshan
IIU Islamabad.



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