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  March 09, 2017


Gender Equality is real not a myth

Nowadays women activists are more concerned about the face veiling rather than providing women equal opportunities and emancipating them from the contemporary patriarchal world. Covering face is a freedom of choice, a woman can't be forced to remove her veil. There are various factors which compel women to cover themselves; orthodox women who fear God's judgment and others who fear that men would harass them. The religious women are at liberty and thus unequivocal because of their religious beliefs. The latter is not comfortable with veil but has to cover herself because of social inflicted stigma and harassment at the hands of men who are sexually frustrated; thus it is a forced hijab and they are the oppressed ones.

It is a suprising fact that the great philosopher Aristotle regarded women as slaves and intellectually inferior to men and believed that they should stay in homes performing their domestic duties. Whereas, his great master Plato, who was the first feminist who advocated that women and men are equal, he set an education scheme for both genders in his ideal state. Plato's theory has proven to be more realistic in this modern age. Women were regarded animals in antiquity and exempted from education and were not even considered citizens of that state. Their prime duty was to give birth to babies, they were married to more than one men at the same time which was a clumsy practice that destroyed the institution of family. How can then the demagogue say that women are inferior to men?

Man can enslave a woman's body but not her soul and mind. The more they are oppressed the more resilient and formidable they will become. Women equality is detrimental to men's egocentric behaviour, therefore men wants women to be subservient to them. No one can be condemned without being given the opportunity to prove themselves. Women can prove to be more superior than men if equality becomes rampant in this world. Infact women can be great leaders because of their pacifist nature and this world would know no war. Women equality can transfigure into women superiority within a few decades, if women are given every opportunity which men are given and in the coming years men would be raising slogans for "Men Equality". So the only remedy for better world is to let the virtuous and wise rule this world not genders.

Nazrul Islam
Student of Law
Garam Chashma


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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