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  January 08, 2017



Chitral Police recovered 888 kg charas and 234 litres liquor during the year 2016

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The number of crimes registered an upward surge during the year 2016 in which Chitral Police registered 4549 number of cases which was 4434 in the preceding year while the police recovered charas whose quantity was twice that of the last previous year.

According to the information gathered from the offices of district police officer, the number of murder cases remained unaltered as seven murder cases were registered during the years 2015 and 2016 while 13 number of attempted murder and 60 cases of hurt were reported.

463 cases were registered under Hudood Ordinance, 40 under Arms Ordinance,31 cases of burglary, 27 of theft, only 2 of vehicle theft, 6 of motor cycle theft were reported during the year.

216 persons were booked under Vulnerable Place Act for failing to take security measures to ensure safety of schools and other sensitive public places, 7 persons booked for misuse of loudspeakers and 223 persons were charged under Tennant Act for providing residential places to persons without proper verification.

No case was registered during the year for the offenses of rape, kid ransom, highway dacoity, bank dacoity and robber, car snatching, extortion, terrorism (both militancy and non-militancy), gambling, hate speeches and propagation of hate materials, electricity theft and aerial firing.

During the year, 888 kg of charas (against 386 kg of 20150, 3 kg of opium, 70grams of heroin and 234 litres of liquor were recovered.

The quantity of arms and ammunition recovered during the year included 1 klashnikove, 1 rifle, 48 shot guns, 1 pistol, 1 daggers, 890 rounds,1,3 kg of explosive powder,7 hand grenades 10 metre safety and 1018 detonators.

As per the information,73 proclaimed offenders were nabbed, 1 was struck off, 42 were added and 258 remained at large while a decrease of 33 was registered in the total number.

Four hundred and forty five foreigners visited the district from 55 different countries of the world during the year in connection with mountaineering, eco-tourism, trophy hunting of markhor and ibex and jobs in the project of Golen Gol Power project.

Three district police officers served the district during the period as Abbas Majeed Marwat was transferred in January his successor Asif Iqbal Mohmand was replaced by Syed Ali Akbar Shah in October.


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