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  March 06, 2017



Role of Language in one’s Identity
By: Farzana Khan Garam Chashma Chitral

Language is not only means of communication, but it unified the group of people, a nation and country. Through this dissemination people interacts with one another not only in a limited boundary but it construct bridge among the people beyond the geographical boundaries and remains identity the same. Identity basically is the negotiation of the individual’s relationship with larger social construct.

Language is an integral part and the representation of one’s culture. A famous British “Anthropologist E. B. Taylor defines culture as a complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, values, customs and other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society”. Human culture does not exist without language because it explored the realities and shaped the ideas in our minds. It transfers the customs and tradition from generation to generation. Language is not a self-supporting body and loss of language affects the indigenous people across the world. If there will be no indigenous speaker remains of any language it means that the situation of diversification of cultures will be menacing. The current situation of Pakistan is also like this that English always remains the dominant language in every institution and always ignored our own language. In schools when the child is in the process of learning at this stage things were taught by English and also brain washes the children so it is very important to learn and speak English fluently. Never emphasized to polish up our own language Urdu in that way how one’s save the identity or the importance of the (local) language and the transfer of pure culture from generation to another generation.

As the great Anthropologist Sapir considered co-relation among the individual and culture effectively construct by the speech, “learned action are hook up by the frame of lingual explanation”. For the survival of any language there should be a community who will be a speaker. Language shift is the process by which the speech community in a contact (consisting of bilingual Situation), gradually stops using one of its two languages in the favor of the other. What we have experienced, as our values, norms and ideas exist because we have learned to identify these things through language. It assist as the most important and powerful tool that embraces ones identity and operates as a mean of uniting a cultural community that share a collective identity.




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