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  February 04, 2017



Heavy snow fall in Chitral confined  the people  to their homes

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The heavy snowfall in the length and breadth of Chitral during the last two days has led to accumulation of snow ranging from 2 to 4 feet in different localities of the district as a result of which life activities have came to a standstill and confining the people to their homes.

The snow has caused the electric polls to fall disrupting the power supply to the city while vehicular traffic has also been closed throughout Chitral while the district has already been disconnected from the rest of the country last month when Lowari Pass received 5 to 6 feet of snow.

No incident of loss to life or property could not be ascertained from any part of the district as the communication system has also been disrupted there.

The commandant of Chitral Scouts, colonel Nizamud Din Shah, when contacted, said that no information of human loss has so far been received from any part of the district which maintains contacts with its posts in far flung areas through its wireless network.

The situation is reported to be more worsening in upper parts of the district than the lower region where snowfall has entered its fourth day consecutively and the valleys of Terich, Torkhow, Yarkhoon, Mastuj and Laspur have received about 4 feet snow.
The magnitude of the snow received in the area is said to be a record during the past seven decades and the houses with muddy roofs may further withstand the burden of the snow and collapse.
Haji Durdana Khan of Khot valley, who is at his nineties, said that this was the first snowfall in his life which extended to five days incessantly.

He said that the valley did receive snow of more than four feet but in piecemeal which did not pose danger to their people and their homes and he no knowledge of the collapse of any home due to the snow and in the present case it is imminent.
The executive engineer of communication and works department, Engineer Maqbul Azam told Chitral Times that work on the snow clearance will be started as soon as the snowfall ceased for which his staff is all prepared.

He said that the it may take a week to restore the vehicular traffic and bring it to the normal to establish contact between lower and upper part of Chitral and Lotkoh valley while some of the roads are prone to snow avalanches delaying the work.

The district nazim Maghfirat Shah said that the district government has taken steps to rush to the spot if disaster is reported from any part of the district due to the ongoing snowfall while local arrangements have been made in union council level.

He said that he was in constant contact with the members of zilla and tehsil councils as well as the village nazims from different far flung villages to keep himself abreast of the situation.

Although the elders kept themselves confined to their homes throughout the day but the youth folk and the children made a fun of it and came out to play with the flakes of snow.

Snowfall was reported to be in swing in all the valleys of upper and lower parts of the district while filing this report.



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