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  February 01, 2017



Reconstruction of Reshun hydro power station start by next month .. DN

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Work on the reconstruction and reconstruction of Reshun hydro power station will start by next month for which provincial government has approved a sum of Rs. 800 million.

Providing electricity to eleven union councils in upper Chitral, the power house, generating 4.2 mega watt electricity, had been washed away by flash flood in July 2015 leaving the areas without power supply since then.

Talking to the local media after his meeting with the chief minister here on Wednesday, the district nazim Maghfirat Shah said that the district government had prepared the technical documents for the construction of the power station by hiring technical persons and had approached the provincial government for providing the required amount.

He said that the district government had also established contacts with a number of donor agencies for the reconstruction of the power station which electrified a whole tehsil of Mastuj in upper Chitral and a union council in lower Chitral and restoration of the facility had become a frequent and frantic demand of the affected 18 thousand households.

Mr. Shah said that the inordinate delay in the restoration of the facility was posing a constant threat to the law and order situation of the peaceful area where consumers had lost their temper and taking out protest processions had become the order of the day.

He said that on the persistent instance of the district government, the provincial government has approved the project in its meeting of provincial development working party (PDWP) the other day.

The nazim said that the power station had been constructed by the German government two decades ago under the supervision of German engineers and then had been handed over to the provincial government and its restoration will be on the same lines and the help of the German government will also be sought.

He said that the power channel of the power station passing through a tunnel of 1.7 kilometers is intact alongwith its penstocks and the forebay tank as the flood had totally washed away the power station.

He eulogized the generous allocation of the provincial government for the restoration of the power station and expressed his gratitude to the chief minister.



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