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  January 28, 2017



Chitral Police saved twenty five stuck passengers

By Zahiruddin

Timely action of Chitral police saved the lives of twenty five persons including women and chlidren near Chitral portal of Lowari Tunnel on Thursday who had been entangled by snow avalanches on two sides leaving them with no option of either moving forward or go back to safer place.

One of the passengers, Zahid Ali of Mulkhow, told Chitral Times that he was travelling from Chitral to Peshawar with his family of four and their vehicle was included in the convoy of eight and was heading towards the tunnel when the snow avalanche fell from the hillock of all sudden in three different places one after the other.

He said to their good luck, none of the avalanches hit the vehicles but blocked them on two sides and the falling of more avalanches was impending which could have run over the vehicles packed with passengers.

Narrating the ordeal of the passengers, he said that there were screams and cries of the passengers calling for help but there was hardly any one to hear the frantic calls and they had almost lost the hope.

He said that the passengers of a vehicle which had lagged behind the convoy for changing its punctured wheel had seen the convoy caught between the debris of avalanches and had reported to the nearest check post of police at Ashirait on which sub-divisional police officer of Drosh, Zafar Ahmed rushed to the spot with his personnel.

“While approaching the site, the officer and his men escaped a hair breadth from being hit another avalanche and in the course, their vehicle was slightly hit by the avalanche but they moved forward towards the trapped passengers and rescued and removed them to a safer place from where we came back to Chitral”, he said.

“Any delay in the rescue could have been proved disastrous and we would have been crippled by the series of avalanches which hit the segment of the mountainous road after we left the place”, he said.

SDPO Zafar Ahmed said that he lost no time when he was informed about the incident as he knew the fact that when avalanche starts falling in a certain place, it is followed by a succession of similar volleys of sliding mass of snow.

He said that keeping in view the hyper critical situation in the approach road of the tunnel, the district police officer has ordered to deploy sixty personnel of commando so that they could rush to the trouble spot rapidly and carry out rescue operation.

He said that to regulate the flow of vehicular traffic on Lowari days (Fridays and Tuesdays), fifty personnel of traffic police were deployed at different points.


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