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  January 15, 2017


Edhi Sahib, Indelible In Our Memories

A philanthropist and humanitarian ,Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahib was an unending source of hope who kept the flickering lamp of humanity alight amidst the greed of materialism, ever decadence of moral values and rampant corruption in the society. Whenever our ship of hope in humanity sways ,his legacy created on the sole purpose of curtailing the sufferings of impoverished peoples will take it successfully to the shore. But undoubtedly , nobody can replace someone like him even in a millennia. We will remember him when a speedy car runs over an astray dog ,see a pregnant woman strangles a newly born illegal child ,come across an addicted person in tattered clothes lying down on a mound of trash ,watch children hurl stones at an insane and witness worm infested corpse lying unburied for days. Nevertheless , his lenient eyes and merciful face would become visible upon witnessing any kind of discrimination against human beings on the basis religion or creed , region or ethnicity because to him being human was the foremost criteria to earn respect from a fellow human. He always maintained that the underlying message of all religions is compassion , love and respect for each other not otherwise. May God opens up our soul to follow in the footprints of Edhi sahib to spread the fragrance of love and does not give way to hatred division and abhorrence for fellow beings.

Fakhr E Alam



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