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     February  28,  2016



Chitral-Gilgit Polo Match at Peshawar

Dear Editor

I feel that more coverage should have been given to the polo match that took place between Chitral and Gilgit at the Peshawar Polo ground this month. This was an important match for two reasons:

Firstly Gilgit has been avoiding to play Chitral, for one pretext or another, at our traditional venue the Shandur Polo Ground. Secondly this match had been organised by courtesy the Army Corp Commander garrisoned at Peshawar who happens to belong to GB.

Our players need to be told how proud we are of them for having won this match for us. If GB does not turn up at Shandur again this year it will surely prove that they have accepted the superiority of Chitral in free style polo and are no longer any challenge to our teams.

The district and local governments of Chitral must celebrate this win enthusiastically and join the people of Chitral to celebrate this victory.

Siraj Ulmulk


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