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     February  23,  2016



Opportunities in Nursing

Career choice has increasing become a challenging task for individuals especially after passing intermediate level. Talking about scope here, directly refers to the opportunities for the young generation which are often overlooked at critical points in their lives. A right decision at the right time could engender right outcomes in the long run. In choosing a particular career many factors need to considered such as; better career prospects, academic and educational growth, social and community services and so on. Being a local, I can understand the difficulties of Chitrali youth regarding choosing career paths, keeping in view all sort of social stigmas. Among many aspiring professions nursing is one of the career paths which caters the financial as well as growth needs of an individual.

A clearly chosen career path leads to success, however, an ambiguous one proves otherwise. Nursing is a potential profession with many bright prospects appealing to the growth needs of the youth. It is a well-paid professional which doesn’t leave individuals jobless. Along with career opportunities, soft skill and social capital it also provides opportunities to pursue higher education through various sponsorship and scholarships in different hospitals. The cost of education is an irking issue facing most of the students from Chitral. Even after completing education, graduates remain jobless owing to the slow economic growth of the country’s underdeveloped economy. Many graduates who find misfit jobs suffer from financial, social and psychological problems. I have seen many of such youngsters who struggle to make good future by putting all their efforts into account. They spend the limited incomes of their families for their education and in the end remain jobless adding to their personal and families’ woes.

Nursing is one of the professions, having multiple advantages. It is an affordable education with available sponsorships and scholarships from different hospitals. This provides a stress-free environment for grooming from day one,hence students become satisfied, successful and contributing member of the society in future. Nursing grads find it easier to pursue higher education because they can self-support their studies. Since the demand of nursing professionals is always more thus graduates are less likely to remain jobless. In recent years the demand for nursing professionals in the international market has increased manifolds. Nurses from Pakistan have gone on to serve in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Middle East and other countries around the globe. The Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi (AKUH) is one good example of how students could benefit from the nursing program and profession. After completing graduations students opt for higher studies pursing education in a variety of different programs including; Masters in Nursing, Masters in Public Health, Community Health and Epidemiology, Health Management and so on. It is indeed very encouraging to see many of the students from Chitral to choosingnursing as their career after intermediate. However, it is highly important for them not break their academic journey soon after completing BsN alone.There are many opportunities for them acquiring higher education in this field. AKUH and ShifaTameer e Millat University Islamabad are the two well-known institutes of Pakistan offering state of the art nursing education and training.

Choosing the right career is one of the crucial decisions which has major implications the quality of life one aspires. It also involves meticulous calculations, a thinking out of the box approach and a paradigm shift in our attitudes towards social realities. Nursing is a respectable and fulfilling profession that enables you to live closer to your dreams by engaging in social and community service. The nature of this occupation being highly technical nursing remains one of the most demanded professional all times.

Allauddin Shaadab


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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