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     January  06,  2016





The Booni-Buzund, Torkhow road and Booni-Mastuj, Shandur roads are the PSDP funded projects at the estimated cost of Rs. 1108.420 million (28 Km) and Rs. 2323.914 million (70 Km) respectively. For the year 2014-15, Rs.40 million were allocated for the Torkhow road and Rs. 90 million for the Mastuj road. No work was done during the year 2014-15.

These two projects were started about ten years ago and millions and millions were expended from the government kitty;but progress never crossed 25% of the work assigned. These two roads are now a talk of the town as a cruel story of plunder and criminal day-light robbery on the government exchequer by the contractor-mafia of Chitral. Not even a single contractor was ever seen in the work- site. Both the contracts were carried through sub-contractors. The sub-contractors were lacking the capacity to execute such contracts.

Public has been kept in the dark as to what legal action has been taken against the plunderers and the public enemy. As regards to latest position, funds have been allocated by the government but the concerned departments are sitting idle. Paper works have not been completed as yet. There is no hope for the start of construction works in the near future. Therefore, the public in Torkhow, Mastuj and Upper-Mulkhow are totally disillusioned with this system of administration. They are fed up with all and sundry in the government and the administration.

The public demands the concerned departments to complete the paper-works soon and start construction work. The public plans to exercise their constitutional right as enshrined in Article- 16 of the constitution of Pakistan. Public will appreciate brothers of the department if the job is done by February 10th, 2016. In the case of failure, public of the villages of Torkhow, Mastuj and Mulkhow, shall assemble in their respective villages on February 25th, 2016 and condemn the injustices.




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