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     January  06,  2016




Death ceremony of Kalash leader Mirzamas concludes

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The death ceremony of the renowned Kalash figure of Bumburate valley, Mirzamas concluded here on Tuesday who had died peacefully in his home three days ago.
As per Kalash rituals, the dead body of Mirzamas had been placed in the graveyard called madokzhall of Brun after the ceremony continued for three days.

The people of Kalash community from the other two valleys had thronged to Bumburate valley in large number to participate in the ceremony as the Kalash people instead of mourning the demise of their near and dear ones, make jubilation by drinking, singing and dancing. The jubilation also contained aerial firing by semi-automatic guns.

The deceased Mirzamas (The beautiful moon in the local language ) was an eminent personality known throughout the three Kalash valleys.

The deceased is said to be an affluent of the valley with landed property, Mirzamas enjoyed popularity among his community as he acted as qazi (religious leader) for more than two decades.
Javid Ahmed, social organizer of Ayun and Kalash valleys Development organization (AVDP) said that known for his hospitality, his house was opened to all and sundry visiting the valley as his comfortable house in the heart of the valley provided all the facilities to the guests.
“He was known to be an authority not only on religious matters of the Kalash community but also about the history, traditions and rituals of the community”, he said adding that the people from the other two valleys also approached him in case of any complicity arose in dogmatic affair.

Mr. Ahmed said that as many as fifty five goats had been slaughtered for the festivities which were presented to the participants along with cheese, honey and wheat bread for three days.

He said that the Kalash community exhibit their affluence and wealth on the occasion of death by slaughtering more and more number of animals to feed the guests.



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