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     February  23,  2016



Earthquake-hit people of Mastuj hold a protest against administration

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Hundreds of the earthquake-hit people of Mulkkhow sub-tehsil blocked the Chitral-Booni road at Charun village here on Sunday to lodge the apathetic attitude of the government to pay compensation for which prime minister had released a huge amount of money.

The protesters alleged the assistant commissioner Mastuj had carried out verification process of the earthquake damage in the area but the affected people are made to wait despite the fact that federal government had released a large sum of money for compensation.

The speakers reiterated their demand of compensation for the quake victims said that they will go to any extent of protest if any more delaying tactics were used by the district administration.

They also criticized the government for its utter failure to restore the flood-hit physical infrastructures of roads, bridges and irrigation channels in the area and mentioned the Bumbagh irrigation channel which was the only source of irrigation water for the village.

They said that the jeep-able bridge at Kosht was also the only one to connect the union council with the rest of the district which was washed away by the flood and the make-shift bridge erected by the Army will be washed away by river with the advent of summer season.

The criticized the hollow promises and tall claims of the provincial government to rehabilitate the damaged infrastructures in the area and warned that whole the district will reverberate with the protests if further delay is made.

The protesters dispersed peacefully after a sit-in of more than ten hours when the tehsil Nazim Mastuj Maulana Muhmmad Yousuf and additional deputy commissioner Abdul Ghafar negotiated with them as per which the DC Chitral will hear their problems to give them deadline for acceptance of their demands.

Later, addressing the protesters, Sardar Hussain Shah of Green Lasht said Rs50 million donation given by PPP central leader Syed Khursheed Shah for the earthquake-hit people of Chitral were distributed by MPAs Sardar Hussain and Salim Khan among their own cronies.



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