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     February  17,  2016



 Terich Mir Diary

Consequent upon the huge quake a massive landslide had swept away a section of the Terich Mir road in November last which remained a headache for C&W Division of Chitral as well as for the inhabitants of Terich valley till it was opened in the first week of February and transport was back on the track. Other repair works on the same affected road are now pending due to severe cold in the region and it is expected that the same would be resumed somewhere in April to regulate transport and communication.

Work on other sectors of infrastructure are still in mist. No measures have been taken to repair link road, irrigation channels, dykes against the rising river of the valley which had washed away all the irrigation channels and made the cultivators’ burden onerous. In many cases the deptts. Concerned have not even sent teams to survey the extent of the damages which means that the coming summer shall be a man- made disaster not only for Terich valley but for all other affected valleys. Raising spurs on the banks of the rivers to protect cultivated lands and cultured forests is considered to be the task of the elected representatives of the local Bodies but the amount allocated to them is so small that majority of the required spurs shall remain a dream in spite of the high sounding claims of KP government. It is a common experience that those who speak much prove a failure in practicality and the same is applicable to the present KP government.

The damaged mini hydal power houses also need to be repaired and made functional which is the crying need of the day. In this valley two hydal power houses have been kept in functional position that meet the domestic needs of the inhabitants and have reduced dependence on firewood supply. The one was built by AKRSP and the other by SRSP. If more such mini hydal power houses had been built in the valley it would have met the need of more families even out of the valley. Since this valley has good river system and also easily manageable so the KP government should build a more powerful power house of up to 10 mw to meet the need of upper Chitral as hydal energy is the cheapest one, beside repairing the Reshun power house as early as possible. Remember this MANDATE is a trust and must be respected by those who are at the helm of affairs and such opportunities don’t come again and again.

This winter the extraordinary ‘Roshgol Snow Leopard’ twice visited its old haunt and drove the ibex population from the vicinity. The Wild Life Staffers also remained vigilant against poachers and no report of poaching was heard. It was also due to the participation of the members of ROSHGOL VCC that has been established in 2015 and works in close co-ordination with Wild Life staff to protect ibex population of the valley which has been a coveted item of the menu of the notorious poachers who wrought havoc to the endangered ibex population of this region in the absence of Watchers and VCC volunteers.

Prof. R.K.Baig



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