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     January  05,  2016





Human are the supreme creatures in the universe having intellect and wisdom, in is this way we distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, negative and positive as Allah emphasis in Quran In a strong word to think about the universe. Allah says” thinks about the universe and yourselves, then you will know my presence and existence.. The Prophet said: "He who knows himself has known his Lord.

Life is a voyage of self-discovery, to recognize the presence and oneness of Almighty Allah through ourselves. Have we ever considered that why we get worried, why sometimes felt dissatisfaction, and why we found some peoples happy in our surroundings?  The reason is that we seek sorrow and grief in our heart. We can bring prosperity and happiness in our life seeking it within ourselves, we should not get happiness from other, happiness in our surroundings is temporary and has short life times but happiness in our heart is for goods. God has given us the gift of ourselves, but it is our responsibility to know all the power within ourselves and it is very hard to know ourselves as it is said that to get victory over the world is easier than to get victory over ourselves.

Many scientists and genius persons discover planets, diagnose fatal diseases, gave scientific development, and invented incredible things for humans to live a better life, but they could not discover their own identity and their inner universe. It means that to discover planets is easier than self discovery, to become scientist is easier than to become self- conscious. Jigar says that”

Kahan tak nahi jati fikr-e-insani nahi jati
mager apni Haqiqat aap pahchani nahi jati


Abid hussain Taqi
Karachi university




mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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