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     January  04,  2016


Solidarity rally with District Administration held

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The activists of different civil society organizations took out a protest rally in Chitral to express solidarity with the district administration in its ongoing campaign against the encroachments and illegal profiteering in the district and assured their all out support to make it a success.

Starting from the Chew Bridge, the rally passed through different roads of the city and culminated in Jang Bazaar where it turned into a meeting addressed by the representative of the organization.

They said that it was for the first time after the merger of the former princely state Chitral with the country in 1969 that an officer has taken the earnest measures to establish the writ of the government in its entirety and rid the people of encroachment which had made the life a hell for them.

They said that due to the lethargic attitude of the district administration in the past, the shop keepers had encroached upon the road on both sides of the bazaar and subjected the people to suffocation while passing through it.

They eulogized the bold step taken by the incumbent deputy commissioner Osama Ahmed Warraich for his urge to retrieve the encroached land from the illegal occupants and annexed it to the road.

They also enumerated the measures taken by him in different sphere of administration during the short period of two months after his posting making the change a tangible to all and sundry.

The civil society organizations included Nowjanan-e-Chitral, Chitral Youth Club, Jughur Action Committee, Al-Badr Society.


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