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    December 30, 2016


Khowar Music:

I have read my friends writings on khowar culture, language and music. I am still waiting comments on the fall and decline of our cultural values in the field of khowar instrumental and vocal music as well as traditional dances .With the demise of Mubarak khan the 2nd last pillar of khowar has fallen. Mir wali of Kuragh is bed ridden due to old age. The new generation of khowar singers ,musicians and dancers are deadly against Khowar culture and khowar musical traditions. Our youngsters have introduced Jericane to replace daff and piano to replace our traditional instrument Sitaar. Similarly Our traditional flute is being replaced by the pipe and orchestra. Our traditional khowar tunes have been replaced by Pashto, Shina, Urdu , Punjabi and “disco ” tunes of Pop music.In fact this is an alarming situation for the survival of khowar culture, khowar music and khowar language.

Through this post I am going to float an idea to preserve our traditional heritage in music and dances. It is also a humble attempt to solicit the views of those who love our traditional culture and music.

Dr Inayatullah Faizi


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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