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    December 24, 2016



Winter festival of Kalash tribe concludes

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The winter festival Chitramas of Kalash people was held this year with low profile and in simple manner due to the plane crash of PK 661 on December 7 in which twenty persons from Chitral lost their lives.

The festival concluded on Friday in the Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur after lasting for nine days while the closing day coincided with the first day of the year of Kalash calendar.

The closing ceremony of the festival held in Bumburate attracted a big crowd from all the three valleys in which prediction was made on the basis of the orientation of the captive fox’s movement set free from the venue.

Luke Rahmat Kalash told Chitral Times  that the bitans (Kalash religious leaders) drawn from all the three valleys derived the forecast that the valleys will be free from natural disasters this year which had devastated the valleys two years back.

The groups of men and women who had who had volunteered to remain in seclusion in the cattle houses to please their gods and goddesses at the start of the festival as obligationsof their dogma, also came out on this occasion.

The exact number of engagements of the couples could not be known as per their custom who will knot the ties in the spring festival Chilim Jusht to be held in the month of May next.

Luke Rahmat said that the Kalash valleys received heavy in the winter season which confined the residents inside their houses which is virtually a hibernation period for them and the chitramas festival was the last in the series of festivals of the season.

This year, a considerable number of foreign tourists also participated in the festival and many were seen merry-making by dancing with the Kalash people, he said.



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